Ten years old and with my pink Le Clic camera, I began discovering how fun it is to take pictures. I've upgraded my equipment a bit since then but still find joy and fulfillment in capturing imagery! I hope you are able to see that in my work!

Enough about me... I'm interested in seeing your vision through the lens of my camera. When I take on a project, I want to understand the background; what you want out of the session, how your images will make others feel. I love what I do, and I bring that passion and care to my projects. I research ahead of time, stay up late to refine and retouch, and crop to find the best possible final shots that will bring your company, your family, your child, your event, or your product to life. Images can take you right back to a place and time, and document not just the physical, but the beauty and joy in a moment. I live to capture those moments for you.